The Athlete Inside Program – Friday’s Workout


I forgot to post the video for ” The Athlete Inside Program ” Friday’s Workout.

Friday’s Workout is focused on LEGS!

• Building Strength & Toning Legs

Friday — Lower Body

Squats x 4 sets of 20

Lunges x 4 sets of 10 each leg

Wall Sits x 4 sets of 1 min

Glute Bridges x 4 sets of 10

Tuck Jumps x 4 sets of 10

Calf Raises x 4 sets of 10


20 squats

20 lunges each leg

With 1 min wall squat

I will be posting the video later today. I forgot and I am sorry. Stay tuned for the video, it will be on my YouTube Channel by 5pm eastern time.

Link Below:

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