Understand your Mission not your Position

Were you ever chasing a goal that seemed like it would never be, but at the end it happened?

Were you ever chasing a goal that seemed like it would never be, and it didn’t happen?

What was the difference? Do you think that because on one goal you understood your mission and that helped you get through your position?

Meaning: You had a why, you had a reason to succeed, you had a mission to complete and you knew that no matter what position you were in if you stayed you would complete the mission.

Focused on the mission because you knew where you were headed.

We need to understand our mission because once we understand that we can better understand our position.

When you are close to success, that is a when everything starts to get bad.

Ever notice how when things are going so well, something seems to happen. You have to remember that you will be place and challenges in certain position. However, it is all for the mission. Everything happens for a reason.

You can’t understand your mission, if you are never challenged in your position.

In order to complete the mission, we must be challenged to see if we are even ready for the mission. We must face setbacks/failures(lessons) to get use ready.

Once me make it through the positions, than we will be able to complete the mission.

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