Plant Based Diet Review 

Why I choose Plant Based Diet? Furthermore, I will go into detail about how I felt since I started Plant Based Diet 🌱 

When I first said I was going to do a Plant Based Diet, so many people felt nervous for me. It seemed as they thought I wouldn’t be able to survive without meat. Like we haven’t before!!

I got bombarded with questions: 
(same question every time)

1. How will you get your protein?

2. Why are you doing this?

3. Will you eat meat again?

4. Where does your protein come from? 

5. The list goes on…………………

It was intriguing to see so many people interested about my life decision. It also made me look more into the diet myself and made me question why was really doing this diet.

I started on this Plant Based Diet Aug 21,2017. At first it was HELL! I really didn’t know what to eat. I was eating salads non stop. It was Torture lol. 

I had watched forks over knives and that was just mouth dropping to me! Just to hear about all the lies we’ve been fed. It was SAD! I didn’t know how bad certain products was and how bad they were for our body/environment 

Right after that documentary, I know I had to make a change. If I want to reach my full potential, I have to make sure I’m healthy as possible. 

So I decided to try out the diet for 2 weeks.

However, in those 2 weeks. I just felt a whole lot better. 

– Less aches 

– More energetic 

– Better focus/concentration 

– Loss weight 

I felt so amazing just 1 week into my diet. I felt like a new person. I had a different mindset.

In week 2, I started looking up recipes to cook, so I can UP my meals. NO MORE SALADS 

I started learning more about where I can get protein, grains and mainly nutrition from the different food groups. 

I started to experiment with food and learn about some new fruits/vegetables. 

I still haven’t tried Tofu, but I will in due time. 

Now I am 8 weeks deep into this diet. It’s been life changing and I want to share the wealth with others. I want to show others how to be healthy and fit without consuming meat or diary. 
I also have a Plant Based Chef Page on Instagram- Tezthechef ( check it out)

No Meat & No Diary 

I want to show others:

You don’t need meat to LIVE!

You can live a healthy life as an VEGAN

Grains, Vegetables & Fruits are mainly all you need. You will SURVIVE!! 

Amazing Benefits of a Plant Based Diet 

1. Knowing you got all your vitmains and minerals in for the day, which a lot of humans lack at 

2. Diabetes Prevention 

3. Fiber Intake

4. Heart Health

5. Weight Loss

6. Hyperextension 

7. The list goes on…………

Risk of the diet: Only 2 

1. B12 Deficiency since it’s mainly found in food like eggs, poultry and meat 

2. Iron Deficiency 

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