5 Factors That Stimulate Muscle Growth

  • To make training productive, you must be sure that you truly understand the goal.
  • To develop your muscles, you must focus on the elements that directly stimulate muscle growth.
  1. Stretching Tension:

When a contracted muscle is not ready to lengthen to its stretched position, and the muscle moved forcefully by a weight, the confrontation of these two resistances causes a lot of cellular damage. This weight-muscle confrontation damages the fibers, forcing the body to repair itself and then to grow.

  1. Contraction Tension:

When a muscle has, difficulty contracting because of the force exerted by a very heavyweight, the muscle must strengthen itself. To ensure that you provoke a significant muscle-building response, you must continually apply force on your muscles by using heavier and heavier weights.

  1. Time Under Tension:

The weight used during a workout is not the only factor that affects growth; otherwise you would only need to do a single repetition with a maximum amount of weight.

As Kumar’s study (2009) illustrates, a weight that is too close to your maximum is not ideal for gaining muscle because the amount of time under tension is short.

If you use a light weight, the time under tension will be longer but the force of the contraction will be too weak for your muscles to take notice of the growth signal.

Scientific research shows that the ideal compromise is a weight that is 70 to 80 percent of maximum strength.

  1. Muscle Burn:

The arrival of lactic acid in the muscles means that they have reached the end of what they can endure metabolically.

  1. Muscle Pump:

As you continue doing repetitions, your muscles will fill with blood. This blood flow brings nutrients and “deforms” the muscles into an unusual fashion. The more intense the muscle pump is, the more the muscle fibers are pressed against each other.

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