Challenges by God


Have you ever had a million-dollar idea? You’re up at 3am, laying down in bed and then…….

WHAM!! You just came up with a million-dollar idea, you have it all planned out in your head. It came to you out of nowhere. However, you’re in bed and your phone seems like its two decades away. Do you get up and write your idea down or do you continue to chill in bed? Or just even act up on that dream first thing in the morning?

Do you think God is challenging your will to be successful? You could make your dream/idea a reality if you just get out your comfortable bed, and write it down. However, the bed is feeling so good. It feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Do you think it is possible that God is putting you to test? He wants to see if your determined or if you’re all talk. Share with me your thoughts & opinions.

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